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The RedWeb forum is the place to go for all Albion related chat. Whether it’s on the field issues or boardroom politics then it’s all up for discussion on the forum. However, it’s not all Albion banter as there is a General Discussion section as well as a Sports Bar where you are free to talk about all events happening in the wide world of sport.

Please bear in mind that this is not an “official” club forum and as such you will never be guaranteed an answer to all your questions. Please don’t take it as an insult if your questions goes without a response, it will only be because nobody knows an answer and the executive running the club do not use the forum. That said in most instances you should get the information you are looking for if it’s suitable for publishing on a public forum.

RedWeb forum

RedWeb forum

To enter the forum simply click the screenshot. Any problems, queries or issues regarding the forum please add a post in the “Forum Issues” section.

Alternatively please feel free to email RedWeb direct at

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