Gone But Hopefully Not Forgotten!

 Posted by on May 4, 2013 at 5:58 pm  Match Preview
May 042013

With today’s match report written and online it’s time to say goodbye. After 15 years on the interweb RedWeb is pulling up the drawbridge and snuffing out the candles. It’s over. Finished. La Fin etc. For those paying attention you will of course remember that I said this once before. Indeed. That was many moons ago when Philliben and TGR had drained every ounce of enthusiasm from my body. The arrival of RedWebToo/Dinamo i.e. Deena, relit the fire. That fire still burns. It always will but not enough for me to continue.

brechin010510-150Looking back it’s been an interesting journey. From my first offering written in good old Microsoft Front Page and hosted on FreeUK (I believe you can actually still find the odd page somewhere), through the short lived Rivals franchise, stopping, starting, Deena, photos, professional websites, Stirling Observer, the campaign, the trust, the exec, the end. Been tiring at times. Many an evening spent at the keyboard. Much midnight oil burned for midweek games. However, I’ve always known people were out there who appreciated our efforts. For that reason I have carried on this long.

Why now? Well it’s simple. I want to do other things with my Saturdays. Want to do other things with my brain. Still going to watch the Albion. Just not as often. My love for writing will continue though. Just moving onto the world of creative fiction. “Isn’t that what you always did I hear you cry?”. Perhaps on occasion. For the most part though what you got was what happened. Spiced up with my own opinion but the facts none the less. If my words painted a picture then whether it was a picture of despair, desperation or delirium then my job was done.

img_0538Ah well. Time to go. If you wish to keep reading my words then you are more then welcome to follow me via my WordPress blog. On here you’ll find a mix of subjects. A lot of my creative fiction thoughts will be on here but plenty of other things too. From time to time there may even be an Albion match report if the mood takes. So perhaps it’s not as all over as it seems. Well, it is for RedWeb. That’s for sure. The forum will remain for now but the match reports and photos section is complete. Thanks for reading and hopefully enjoying what we produced.

All the best.

Paul & Deena.

p.s Mon’ the Beanos!

  9 Responses to “Gone But Hopefully Not Forgotten!”

  1. Thanks Paul for the many excellent reports and all the other reliable data on the website over the years. Sorry to see you hanging up your pen here – I’ve been reading your reports on a regular basis since, I think, about 1998! Good luck in your further writing.

    • Your kind words are much appreciated Paul. Glad you enjoyed reading my reports. I enjoyed writing them, well most of them. Been a bit of a chore over the last couple of seasons which is one of the reasons I am stopping. Time to move on to pastures new. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the years of great reporting. As a Binos supporter that moved to New Zealand RedWeb kept me in touch with the team in a way that other sites didn’t. Always honest, gritty and just like a fan would say it, I found that reading your reports gave me a sense of the games as they were. I knew that I would have felt the same way leaving the ground had you been there. I hope you enjoy the games in a different way from now on.

    • I am looking forward to watching games as a supporter and not a journalist any more. Aside from anything else it will allow me to wear a good thick pair of glove on a cold day. Can’t do that when you have a pen in your hand.

  3. Dear Paul and Deena
    From a distance of half a world away, thank you so much for your reports and photos. Well done for so long! You have kept a distant Albion supporter entertained and informed.
    Best wishes for the future and your new career.
    Robert Loughran, Warners Bay, NSW, Australia

    • Thanks Robert. Sorry that we won’t be continuing as I know like yourself there were many who relied on our reports and pics. However, I feel I’ve done my bit and need to move onto other things. Glad you appreciated our efforts over the years.

  4. Sad that your calling it a day, always looked forward to your match reports, hopefully after some time away away to recharge your batteries, you may take up match reporting again.

    • Nah. That’s me done. RedWeb is definitely finished. My blog will feature Albion comment and the odd report but RedWeb is over. I do need to recharge the batteries but to allow me to do other things.

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